DVC 3-GUN 2011 Series

EMG / STI International™ DVC 3-GUN 2011 Pistol (Standard / Gas / Full Auto)

SKU: ST-DV0130

The STI DVC 3-GUN is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s 3-gun enthusiast while keeping true to the DVC heritage of
Accuracy, Power and Speed “Diligenta, Vis, Celeritas.” Shoot flatter. Shoot longer between reloads.
Consider the performance-critical handgun portion of your 3-gun arsenal duly covered.

- Official licensed
- Authentic roll marks on slide and frame
- Full metal construction
- Disassemble and reassemble just like the real firearms
- Realistic blowback cycling mechanism
- Aggressive recoil action
- Semi / Full Auto Fire selection

Pistol Length: 235mm
Pistol Height: 165mm
Pistol Weight (No Mag): 705.0g
Magazine Weight: 330.0g
Inner Barrell Length: 119mm



Package Includes:
1 x ST-DV0130
1 x ST-DVMG01 Gas Magazine