Single Barrel

HX1105 Pistol

SKU: AW-HX1105



Box Length : 290mm

Box Weight : 185mm

Box Height : 56mm

Package Gross Weight : 1270g

Pistol Length : 223mm

Pistol Height : 159mm

Pistol Weight (No Mag) : 715g

Magazine Weight : 335g

Inner Barrell Length : 110mm

Package Include : 

1 X Pistol

1 X 5.1 HX Magazine

! X Sight Mount

2 X Sight Mount Screw

1 X Magwell Pin

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  1. Great pistol

    By The speedsofter that ruins your milsim June 08, 2017

    This is an awesome pistol for the price, it's nice and snappy and the recoil is awesome. If I could change one thing about this pistol it would be to make it so that everything wasn't proprietary. But, overall this is an awesome pistol.

  2. First impressions.. NICE!

    By Airsoft Mike August 12, 2016

    An Airsoft pistol that is pre-upgraded out of the box at this price point is awesome! The fire rate and accuracy is insane! Armorer works has definitely set the cat amongst the pigeons with its series of HX, competition ready Airsoft pistols and definitely gives some of the leading manufacturers of Airsoft pistols a run for their money! The HX1105 appears to be well made and performs very well straight out of the box. This is not only great as a competition pistol, it is a beast in gameplay and will have you running out of BBs fast due to its lightening response when pulling the trigger. Naturally, only time will tell if it's durable and continues to perform well, but for now.. I am very impressed! Very impressed indeed!

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