HX Series

HX1005 Pistol

SKU: AW-HX1005

Armorer Works newest release with the best features you'll ever look for on an pistol. It features a customized, ported, lighter, skeletonized HI-CAPA slide, hammer, and trigger. The gun also comes pre-assembled with a full metal striker head with integrated lower accessory rail for an aggressive look.

Great accuracy, power, durability and performance!



Features :

  • Full Metal Slide and Barrel Assembly
  • High Strength Polymer Frame
  • Integrated Accessory Rail
  • Serrated Slide
  • Aggressive Rocket Recoil Spring Guide
  • Functional On-Frame and Beaver Tail Safety


Box Length : 290mm

Box Weight : 185mm

Box Height : 56mm

Package Gross Weight : 1270g

Pistol Length : 223mm

Pistol Height : 159mm

Pistol Weight (No Mag) : 715g

Magazine Weight : 335g

Inner Barrell Length : 110mm

Package Include : 

1 X Pistol

1 X 5.1 HX Magazine

1 X Sight Mount

2 X Sight Mount Screw

1 X Magwell Pin

3 customer reviews

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  1. Great gas gun

    By Elliott June 01, 2017

    I got this gun for target shooting and eventually skirmishes with mates it's shoots hard and is easy to use just wish it came with more magazines

  2. Live the gun

    By Fpv ben April 23, 2017

    It's an amazing gun

  3. Awesome gun!!!

    By Liam April 21, 2017

    Whilst i shoot targets with air guns and firearms, i bought this gun as a plinker at home to work on speed engaging targets, i have to say it, i love this gun and got so much more than expected, thoroughly impressed!!!

    Good size 29 BB magazine with working slide catch upon empty magazine.

    Has a very good weight and feels very solid.

    The rate of fire is very quick when you get used to the gun.

    For a smoothbore BB firing gun, the accuracy is remarkable.

    The blowback has a tidy kick on it.

    Very easily stripped and maintainable.

    In the UK we have a legislation called the VCR act limiting airsoft guns, this gun complies with that particular legislation but the colour scheme i have to say is very pretty in my opinion, coming second to my black and silver .177 1911.

    The most important thing, it is extremely fun and that is something we all want from a gun of any kind.

    Will be adding a micro red dot and a compensator to my HX1005, but out of the box, it is nothing short of spectacular.

    I would like to add, whilst i shoot the guns i shoot normally, this gun will cost me a fortune, would be a shame not to use it in CQB scenarios and skirmish battles, so i am taking the sports up this gun is used for and i really can not wait to spend that money because of this gun.

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