HX1001 Pistol

SKU: AW-HX1001

Armorer Works newest release with the best features you'll ever look for on an pistol. It features a customized, ported, lighter, skeletonized HI-CAPA slide, hammer, and trigger. The gun also comes pre-assembled with a full metal striker head with integrated lower accessory rail for an aggressive look.

Great accuracy, power, durability and performance!



Features :

  • Full Metal Slide and Barrel Assembly
  • High Strength Polymer Frame
  • Integrated Accessory Rail
  • Serrated Slide
  • Aggressive Rocket Recoil Spring Guide
  • Functional On-Frame and Beaver Tail Safety


Box Length : 290mm

Box Weight : 185mm

Box Height : 56mm

Package Gross Weight : 1270g

Pistol Length : 223mm

Pistol Height : 159mm

Pistol Weight (No Mag) : 715g

Magazine Weight : 335g

Inner Barrell Length : 110mm

Package Include : 

1 X Pistol

1 X 5.1 HX Magazine

1 X Sight Mount

2 X Sight Mount Screw

1 X Magwell Pin

2 customer reviews

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  1. Amazing gun

    By Cam August 02, 2017

    The gun runs amazing and is super high quality

  2. Very nicely Built for its price

    By Nameless Gunner June 08, 2017

    Product bought: HX1004 (Red-gold Iron Man colours)


    - Very strong recoil and boomburst when firing
    - Vivid colours and came with a fibre sight (without draining a bunch of cash from your wallet)
    - Pretty good accuracy (in terms of bullet concentration)
    - Comparatively cheap for its quality


    - Powerful springs which provide better loading speed; However comes with the cost of unable to "lock slide" when the gun is emptied
    - The gun's slide is noticably heavier to pull compared to a Marui Hi-Capa because of the same reason mentioned above


    - Problematic Hopup; caused the BBs to tend to go up and left (at least in my gun)
    - Paint on slide is not anodized but spray-painted; will fall off if too violently scratched
    - Slide is only polymer (although the gun is already pretty heavy because of slide)

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